Exir Farayand Parsina

Exir Farayand Parsina started its activity in the field of supply and import of chemical items and raw materials of food and cosmetic-pharmaceutical industries, as well as consulting and designing formulations of these industries and with its experienced and specialized staff, has been proud to supply essential and basic items of chemical, food and other industries from international markets to producers and esteemed partners;

Also this year, in order to improve the quality of services and increase customer satisfaction, it has recruited staff and representatives in different cities of our country, as well as allocating large investments to import additives in these industries.

Exir Farayan Parsina has implemented an agile structural system so far, along with strategic customer relationship management and supply chain management and reliance on quality control unit; Has made every effort with the approach of supplying raw materials to all chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries of the country and has a mission to help the dear activists in these industries by continuous improvement in this cycle.

Supply of raw materials

We have been with manufacturers for more than 10 years to provide them with solutions to supply raw materials for the food and pharmaceutical industries. We have made it easier to access sources of raw materials so that manufacturers can advance their production strategies without worries.

Foreign Trade

Imports and exports have always been associated with many obstacles and problems. Exir Farayand Parsina has provided access to global markets by providing solutions for importing raw materials and exporting products.